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Send a Photo

Williams People wants your photos of alumni gatherings and events! Please email it to [email protected]. If you don’t get a confirmation of receipt, or if you need to mail a print photo to us, please call the communications office at 413.597.4277.


Alumni Photos

Please include the following information when submitting your photos:

  • first name, last name and class year (including yourself) of everyone in the photo, left to right
  • location (city, state) where the photo was taken
  • month and year the photo was taken
  • a little something about the reason you got together or what was going on in the photo (e.g., if members of the Class of 1986 met in Williamstown for a hike)


Wedding Photos

Williams People publishes photos of weddings, commitment ceremonies and civil unions. Photos should be sent within six months of the ceremony. In group photos, please note that only the wedding couple will be named. Please include the following information when submitting your photos:

  • first name, last name (from before the wedding) and class year(s) of the wedding couple
  • placement of the wedding couple in the photo, left to right (e.g., Jordan Patel ’15, center row, third from left, and Toby Badu ’13, back row, fourth from right)
  • location (city, state) of the event
  • date (month, day, year) of the event


For All Photos
  • Digital images must be at least 3X5 inches and 300 dpi resolution. If you’re sending a photo from your phone, please choose actual or raw size.
  • The photo can’t be altered in any way—e.g., don’t send photos with Instagram filters or photoshop in someone who wasn’t there.
  • If you’re mailing a print photo, please be sure it is a high-resolution or professional reproduction.
  • By submitting your photo to us, you understand that we may use it in the printed magazine, online and/or on Williams College’s social media channels.


Send Class Notes

To contact your class secretary, send an email to [email protected] (where YYYY=your four-digit class year). The email will automatically be forwarded directly to your class secretary/ies.

Click here for a complete list of class officers and their contact information.


Update Your Information

Click here to update your personal information with the college.