Styling Alumni Names in Williams People

Here’s a quick guide to correctly styling alumni names when writing class notes for Williams People. The college also maintains a useful style guide for quick reference on titles, class years, etc.

Alumni names: When preparing class notes for Williams People, full names of alumni should be in bold whenever they are mentioned. (Don’t use all caps). Class years and any punctuation following a name should not appear in bold: Judy Smith ’78; Judy Smith, who went to Spain.

Spouses/partners: Using the 1970 class notes as an example:

John Smith and Judy Smith (both are Williams alumni who graduated in 1970)

John Smith ’75 and Judy Smith (Judy graduated in 1970. Her husband, John, graduated in 1975)

John and Judy Smith (John is not a Williams graduate)

Deceased partners or spouses: Widows/widowers are considered honorary members of the class. Like alumni, their full names should be in bold each time they are mentioned in class notes: Judy Smith, widow of John; John Smith, Judy’s longtime partner.

Children: When the child of an alumnus or alumna went to or is enrolled at Williams, the child’s first and last name should appear in bold, followed by his or her class year, in class notes: Judy Smith’s daughter Amy Smith ’01 is considering law school; Judy Smith’s daughter Amy Smith ’08 belongs to Williams’ swim team. The names of children who have been accepted at Williams but are not yet enrolled should appear in plain text: Judy Smith is proud that daughter Amy was accepted at Williams.
Abbreviations: Jr., Sr., III, IV, etc., appear in bold (in class notes) and are not preceded by a comma John Smith Jr. See Jr./Sr. The abbreviations MD, Esq., Ph.D., etc. are preceded by a comma and are in plain text (in class notes): Judy Smith, Ph.D.; Judy Smith ’87, MD. Formal titles that precede a name, such as Dr., President, etc., are capitalized and in plain text.

Note: The bolds, italics, and underlines you place in your document might not survive the conversion from email. Always keep an original copy of your class notes.