Introducing EphLink

At some point in your professional journey, there’s a good chance that a fellow Eph offered you support and guidance. It’s equally likely that you’ve offered the same in return. That’s been the nature of the Williams network for as long as any of us has known. I’d like to bring you up to date on our most recent efforts to connect students with alumni—and to enlist your support.

Many of you are aware of the transformation taking place in career services work at Williams. What you may have known as OCC or the Career Center is now the newly renamed ’68 Center for Career Exploration. The name honors the generosity of the Class of 1968, which raised over $10 million for the center as part of its 50th reunion class gift, and it reflects the college’s and class’s commitment to a center focused on empowering students to explore, define and achieve their postgraduate goals throughout their time at Williams.

Of course, you play a vital role in the success of this good work. Whether offering summer and Winter Study internship opportunities, recruiting on campus or engaging with students and fellow alumni who reach out to you, the network thrives because of the commitment we all make to each other. Part of our job in Williamstown is to make facilitation of these connections as easy and productive as possible.

Relationship building and supporting each other have long been tenets of the Williams community.

We think EphLink, a newly launched mentoring program, does just that. EphLink was created to provide a more structured and convenient way for current Williams students and alumni to build meaningful relationships. Alumni and students choose the level of engagement they wish to have, ranging from the capability of quick email conversations to longer-term mentoring relationships. Students can search for alumni mentors by a broad range of criteria, including industry and demographic information as well as specific help topics that mentors can select at registration.

EphLink will be rolled out formally to students in the fall. Initial outreach to alumni has yielded well over 1,000 profiles to date, and we’re deeply indebted to those of you who have jumped on board. Consider this another invitation. More details and registration can be found at
You may be wondering about alumni-to-alumni opportunities on this platform, and the plan is to launch that capability in 2019. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. And we thank you for supporting current Williams students. Contact [email protected] with questions about any aspect of the program.

Relationship building and supporting each other have long been tenets of the Williams community. Thank you for continuing to do your part to shape the Williams student experience and your own.
With best wishes from Williamstown,
—Brooks Foehl ’88, Director, Alumni Relations
[email protected]